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Welcome to Our Kindy Room

We believe that giving children a headstart in the important transition to formal schooling will ensure they can easily meet academic and social expectations when starting their first day of school. This is why Trinity takes special care with our kindergarten program to prepare children for a life of learning and success.

We ensure children participate fully in the early learning framework in accordance with their personal development. By incorporating indoor and outdoor nature play in their learning journeys, our educators aim to nurture well-rounded and adaptable young students. We have spent time crafting an inclusive, high-quality preschool environment in which your child can flourish, learn and embrace cultural differences.

A Positive School Experience Starts Here

Play-based learning uses music, singing, exciting adventures, physical activities, laughter and creativity to teach children important life skills. All of our educators are highly trained and experienced in handling the subtle differences in each child’s journey through our day care education programs.

The Kindy Room involves a three-plus kindy program where traditional schooling structures and play-based learning are combined in a unique way. This is the first stepping stone to formal or part-time schooling where communication and problem-solving skills are valuable tools for your child’s growth and development. The curriculum is led by a qualified Early Childhood Teacher who works closely with our experienced team of educators to ensure each child has the opportunity to thrive.

We encourage an open and communal environment in partnership with families for children to grow into creative, independent learners who can excel in any setting. Trinity Early Learning School is proud of the nurturing, safe and encouraging environment that we have created for our families and children to enjoy.

Register Your Interest Today

We understand how difficult it can be to place your child in an early learning centre, so we maintain full communication and send updates of your child’s milestones.

Register your interest or get in touch online for more information. Call (08) 6500 2700 with any questions you may have about the early learning framework or to arrange a tour of our Kindy room.


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Enquire about our new centre and early enrolment program

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