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Early Childcare and Education for Toddlers

The ages between 18 and 30 months are crucial for learning, social development and exploration. At Trinity Early Learning Centre, your child can enjoy taking the next step in their education within our stimulating toddlers’ day care program. With a focus on language, cognitive and physical skills, children enjoy singing, reading, creating, dancing and recognition games that make learning fun every day.

18 – 30 Months: Toddler Day Care

We rely on close and open communication with our families because education requires a partnership between everyone involved. We keep you informed of your toddler’s progress and milestones through regular discussion and our app, so you will never miss out on vital information or important moments in your child’s life! Our promise to you is to provide an inclusive, safe and welcoming environment that allows your child to learn something new every day

Your child’s individual interests will be incorporated into their early childhood education program alongside planned teaching moments. By observing your child over the course of a day, our highly trained educators create spontaneous lessons that allow for self-directed learning.

Our Daily Activities and Routines

If you’re looking for a rich natural learning environment that focuses on your child’s individual development, look no further than Trinity Early Learning School in Alkimos, Perth. Our unique blend of play-based learning and environmental cues will introduce your child to nature and sustainability in an exciting way. Every activity we include is age appropriate and packed with learning opportunities. The focus is placed on visual and aural stimulation as your child is prepared for their future education, starting with our three-plus kindy program!

What to Bring to the Toddler Room

We always ask our families to provide a few sets of spare clothing for their child, just in case! When coming to day care, please also bring:

  • a full water bottle
  • a sunhat
  • any necessary creams or lotions
  • nappies
  • bottles
  • a favourite toy or comforter – if required for napping

Get In Touch

We know that enrolling your toddler in an early learning centre can be daunting, so we are happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about this important decision in your child’s life.

Register your interest in childcare for your toddler today, call (08) 6500 2700 or get in touch online for more information or to arrange a tour.


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Enquire about our new centre and early enrolment program

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